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280.00 POINTS
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260.00 POINTS

How to get ?

  1. The points of the items shown in IGO shop can be collected through trading activities in MT4.
  2. One trading lot size is equal to one point (1 lot = 1 point).
  3. Every traded lot beginning from 1st of November 2016 will be converted to points automatically. All lot traded before
    1st of November 2016 cannot be converted to points. The lot size for point transfer will be available on this coming
    November (1st of November 2016) onwards.
  4. Pre-order is available now. Delivery service will be start on 1st of march 2017.

Term and Condition

  1. All collected points cannot be converted to cash.
  2. All collected points can only be used to purchase items shown in IGO shop only.
Let’s video tell you how to get it...