Either plan before the trade, or trade before the plan. The statement shows you a deep meaning of trading. It is either you want to make a Forex trading planning before you start a real trade or you plan how to spend the money after an easier way to trade. An intelligent trader or investor will choose the latter. Gain your profit with an easier method COPY TRADE.

COPY TRADE is a method that allows a less experienced trader to venture into risky and volatile Forex market to make profit by copying trades from successful Traders with clicks of buttons. They will follow the trades automatically from the subscribed traders and they are unnecessarily login to MT4 platform to track their trades from time to time.

IGOFX is getting ready to offer our customers with a fully automated instant order copy service. Followers can auto-copy trades that are opened and managed by Gladiators instead of performing trades by themselves. There is no limit on the number of Gladiators may be followed by a Follower. Moreover, Gladiators will receive commission as they provide paid copy trade service to their Followers. Traders are ranked based on their trading activities and performance statistics. Hence, it is easier for Followers to find potential Gladiators to follow and thereby maximize their returns. However, Followers can still control over the trades by setting their copy rule depends on their preferences and strategies.


Multiple Copy Rules

Several copy rules are available to be chosen from the options as stated below:

  • Copy one to one
  • Copy with % multiplier
  • Copy acc to balance
  • Copy acc to equity
  • Copy acc to free margin
  • Copy with fixed no to Lots

Example of Copy Acc  to Free Margin is as shown below:

You are able to copy trade even your account balance is different with the leader who you are followed.  Let’s say if your account balance is $1000, you are still able to follow a trader with an account balance of $10, 000.


You can choose to be our Gladiator once you possess excellent trading skills, experiences, and knowledge. You may gain extra profits as well as a beautiful amount of commissions from whoever invest on your trades.


You can choose to be our Follower if you feel less confident on trading and hard to make a decision while trading. You shall minimize your risks and maximize your profits by copying every trades from expert traders.