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Basic RGB Posted on:   2017-03-03

IGOFX, the official partner of prestigious West Bromwich Albion FC.

IGOFX Sponsorship

IGOFX is proud to be the official partner of the prestigious professional football club, West Bromwich Albion until the end of the 2017/18 season. West Brom is one of England’s most distinguished football clubs based in West Bromwich in the West Midlands. There exists a natural synergy between IGOFX and West Brom in terms of vision and ambition. The growth of this partnership will connect us with customers and fans in Asia. Together, IGOFX and West Brom will rise to the top!

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callback_request Posted on:   2016-11-25

Request a callback from us. We get back to you shortly.

IGOFX Callback Request

IGOFX technical support is upgraded. You may request a callback from us if you are facing any technical problems with our service. The purpose is helping our customer to solve their problems as soon as possible. We will call back to you within your available time. You only need to fill up some information so that we can be ready to solve your problems. Callback request form is provided and hopes you find us as well.

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mobile_apps Posted on:   2016-11-18

IGOFX Mobile Apps is updating! New features are coming to you.

IGOFX Mobile Apps

There is a good news to you! IGOFX Mobile Apps is updated with the new features such as local depositor and investment. The new features are convenient to all users especially the users are unavailable to deposit or withdraw they credit. They may get help from their agents. The new functions are allowing users to follow their fund managers by only using their mobile apps. To get the new features, kindly download the apps and use.

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signal_provider Posted on:   2016-11-18

Get a signal alert. You will not miss out any profitable message!

IGOFX Signal Provider

IGOFX Signal Provider is a new tool and it is launching from now. Many self-traders are often lack of time in doing market analysis and this eventually may cause them having less confident to place every orders from MT4. So, IGOFX is providing the Signal Provider to help those traders in getting professional advice messages from the expert traders or fund managers. They only need to subscribe to their favourite fund managers and get a trading signal before they place an order.

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