Welcome Bonus

We offer two types of welcome bonus for traders to choose when opening a new account

30% bonus

Deposit ($)Bonus (%)Term to claim
100 – 499.9930Bonus x 8 mini lot

Terms & Condition

  1. Every client has the right to choose and received the welcome bonus after minimum deposit (as shown above) is made.
  2. Every account only entitles to receive one of the two bonuses.
  3. After register and chose the bonus type for an account, request to change to the other type is impossible. However, a new account can registered for different bonus from the old existing one.
  4. Welcome bonus will be added to account within 12 working hours once the deposit is made.
  5. For 30% bonus:
    • Maximum accumulate payout is $3000 for each account.
    • Bonus will be added into account in credit form every time a deposit is made.
    • Clients shall maintain the minimum equity to avoid any deduction / adjustment on the received bonus.
      • Min Equity = (Total Received Bonus x 100) / 30
    • Clients need to monitor their own account’s trades, when minimum trading lot is achieved and they want to claim the bonus, they need to send an email to [email protected].
    • Credit bonus will be transferred as account funds within 24 hrs working days.
    • Claiming bonus:
      • When a request to claim bonus is made, all credit bonus will be transferred to account fund.
      • Partial bonus claim is not allowed.
      • After bonus is claim for 1st time, there will be no more bonuses credited to the account, so client must decide when to claim their bonus.
  6. IGOFX reserves the right to void the welcome bonus if abuse or unscrupulous usage of the bonus surcharge system is found
  7. If reveal that the client open a reverse or hedge position in different accounts, it is considered as rules #5 is abused and can cause the bonus voided.
  8. IGOFX reserves the right to decline or refuse any request for welcome bonus without any prior notice and reason.
  9. Any enquiry or appeal for company’s decision should be e-mail to [email protected] within 7 days from the date of issues arise.
  10. Any indication or suspicion of fraud, manipulation, cash-back arbitrage, or other forms of deceitful or fraudulent activity in an Eligible Client’s live Mini, Standard & Premium Account(s) with IGOFX or otherwise related or connected to a IGOFX Deposit Bonus will nullify all previously credited bonuses of the Eligible Client’s live Mini, Standard or Premium Accounts with IGOFX and/or any and all transactions carried and/or profits or losses garnered therein. In these circumstances, IGOFX reserves the right, at its sole discretion to close/suspension (temporarily or permanently) all such Eligible Client’s live Mini, Standard or Premium Accounts with IGOFX, cancel all orders and annul all profits of such participant. In these circumstances, IGOFX shall not be liable for any consequences of the bonus cancelation, including, but not limited to, order(s) closure by StopOut.
  11. IGOFX reserves the right to deduct or cancel off the credit bonus from one account should the free margin dropped beyond 30% of the initial deposit value.

Risk Warning:

There is a substantial risk of loss in trading commodity futures, option and off-change foreign currency products.
Read our General Risk Disclosure.