BMW 530i Live Account Contest

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BMW 530i GIVEAWAY! Dream it or win it?

IGOFX is organizing an excellent Forex Live Contest to give away a brand new BMW 530i. Does this impress you? Imagine how you can drive your dream car through the streets and catch the admiring glance of passerbys. This is a great chance which you do not want to miss to get your dream car. This is a three months period contest which start from 13th April 0000 until 13th July 2017 2359 GMT +0. No registration fee is required. Traders only need to self trade with one live trading account. Only these few simple steps to grab your long awaited dream car , what are you still waiting for?

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Terms and Conditions

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General Terms:

  1. This is a 3 months period contest. The contest period is from 13th April 0000 until 13th July 2017 2359 GMT +0.
  2. Each trader can only have single (1) contest entry.
  3. Traders are allowed to use existing/new LIVE ACCOUNT with IGOFX to join this contest.
  4. The contest registration is free and traders are free from any registration form and entry fees but they only need to choose one active trading account as their contest account.
  5. To join the contest, participants must open and close their trades within the contest period. The trades that are opened before the contest started or closed after the contest ended will not be considered as the contest result.
  6. IGOFX reserves the right refuse the participation of any traders.
  7. IGOFX retains the right to change the terms and conditions of the contest without any prior notice at any time.

Registration Rules:

  1. Traders need to have a live trading account to join the contest.
  2. Click the ‘JOIN CONTEST’ button and choose ONE trading account to trade with during the contest.
  3. Traders who self trade a minimum of 20 lots within this three months will be auto selected to join the contest.
  4. Winners will be randomly picked from the selected contest participants.

Contest Terms and Conditions:

  1. Participants must comply with the rules of contest throughout the contest period.
  2. Trades taken into account during contest include the open and closed trades.
  3. All IP matches will be subjected to disqualification.
  4. Any illegal trading orders will be disregarded.
  5. IGOFX has the absolute right to disqualify any participants or winner who are discovered violating the Contest Terms and Conditions without prior notice and without providing any reason.
  6. IGOFX retains the right to change the terms and conditions of the contest without any prior notice at any time.
  7. If participants are found involved in any types of illegal or arbitrage trading or any other abusive pricing or quotes , they will be disqualified. Any appeals or complaints will not be entertained.
  8. Prize Obtaining Requirements:
    • After the winning trading account is determined, IGOFX reserves the right to verify winner’s details and the legitimacy of his/her participation. If it has been discovered that some or all data are false or winner do not have the right to participate, the contest’s results will be invalid and a new winner will be chosen.
    • IGOFX reserves the right to not award the winner the prize if he/she is found violating the Prizes Obtaining Procedure (absence of ID, expired ID etc.)
    • Within 14 days after the contest results are announced, IGOFX will coordinate the date, time and venue of award ceremony with winner via phone. Shall the winner cannot be reached or there are no response from winner within this 14 days, the prize will be awarded to another lucky trader.
    • After the award ceremony, winner shall assume the responsibility of paying any taxes and other compulsory payment set by the government for delivery purpose. In situation where winner is not able to be present during the award ceremony, NO representative are allowed to represent winner. However, the prize can be converted to cash. Cash will be given equivalent with current market price of prizes and directly deposited into the winner’s trading accounts.
    • Prizes are not allowed to be transferred or assigned to any other person and substituted with other prizes.
  9. Winner’s personal profile will be collected if he/she agree to:
    • Have an interview session including radio, television or other mass media
    • Winner’s profile (name, pictures and contest result) is used by IGOFX for advertising purposes without any supplementary payment
    • Copyright of publishing winner’s information will be reserved by IGOFX
  10. If the winner refuse to follow these rules, he/she cannot claim the prize and his/her participation will be cancelled.

Risk Warning:

There is a substantial risk of loss in trading commodity futures, option and off-change foreign currency products.
Read our General Risk Disclosure.