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Macron enroute to parliament majority
France President, Emmanuel Macron with his predecessor, Francois Hollande

The photo shows the France President, Emmanuel Macron (right) with his predecessor, Francois Hollande (left).

After the first round of voting for the National Assembly on Sunday, a month after the French had chosen their nation leader, France’s President, Emmanuel Macron is enroute to win the parliamentary majority.


French had taken to the polls on Sunday for the first round of selection of new Parliament members. According to the Interior Ministry results, Macron’s La Republique en Marche (Republic on the Move, REM) and its MoDem ally had won 32.3% of the vote.


The conservative party, The Republican received just under 16% of vote while France previous ruling party, The Socialists received just 7.4%. Meanwhile, the National Front (FN) had 13.2% which is followed by France Unbowed with just over 11% of vote.


Projections show Macron’s REM and ally MoDem enroute to win between 400 and 445 seats in the National Assembly which has a total of 577 members- the largest parliamentary majorities for 60 years. The second round of voting in set for the coming Sunday.


However, the vote had a low turnout of 48.7% as compared to the 57.2% in the first round from 2012.


According to the projection, the Republicans were second behind REM with a predicted seats between 70 and 130 seats while Marine Le Pen’s FN is forecasted to have between one and 10 seats.


The Socialists, the previous ruling party and Francois Hollande, the previous President’s party was predicted to suffer the worst losses by losing 200 seats. Both the party chief and failed presidential candidate, Jean-Christophe Cambadelis and Benoit Hamon had lost their seats.


FN deputy leader, Florian Philippot had called on voters to mobilise massively during the second round of the polls while Socialist’s Cambadelis had also appealed voters to stand behind Macron’s rivals to avoid the monopolising power in the hands of the president.


If there are no candidates who win over 50%, the top two contenders will proceed to the second round as well as other candidates who have received at least 12.5% of registered voters in the district.

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