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Early poll data indicate hung parliament for Britain
Labour Party leader, Jeremy Corbyn

The photo shows the Labour Party leader, Jeremy Corbyn.

The result of British election on Thursday is still coming in as British officials are counting the votes cast in order to determine which party will hold the majority seats in parliament. However, there could be a possibility that no party will achieve the absolute majority.


There are in total 650 members of the Britain’s House of Commons to be elected from the election. A party must hold 326 parliamentary seats to obtain a majority. The voting had closed at 10pm local time on Thursday and the results are expected to be released by Friday afternoon.


An early exit poll (a poll asking whom voter had voted for) had shown that the Conservative Party will win the most seats totalling 314 from 330 seats hence the Conservatives would not win the election majority of 326 seats.


The data also signifies that the other parties- Labour, Scottish National, UK Independence and Lib Dems- would have the same amount of votes. The poll data showed that Labour Party led by Jeremy Corbyn will have an increase in seats from 229 to 266.


In April, British Prime Minister, Theresa May, leader of Conservatives had called for the snap elections in order to strengthen her position before the negotiations over Brexit ie British leaving the European Union (EU).


May had stated that for those who believe in Britain and that their best days lie ahead, give her the support to lead Britain while Corbyn said he will lead a government that can be relied upon and Labour will build a Britain that benefits the many and not the few.


If no majority is won by any party, a hung Parliament would be declared and a coalition government would be established. The exit polls data had indicated such possibility.


The people of United Kingdom had voted last summer to withdraw from European Union with a 52% vote.

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