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United Airlines apologise and promise a thorough review

The cartoon shows United Airlines removing a passenger by force.

The social media has been hot with the United Airlines Sunday debacle whereby a passenger was dragged off a plane and hurt in the process. Many had taken the incident to the social media- Facebook and Twitter-and shared the incident video and criticised the carrier’s action.


President and Chief executive officer of the airlines, Oscar Munoz had apologised for the incident and promised to have a detailed review of the airline’s practices. However, his apology was not taken well. Iit differs from the initial response of the company who partially blamed the passenger and stated they acted according to their standard operating procedures.


Munoz offered his apologies to Dao who was forcibly removed and all customers aboard the plane. He said that the company will take full responsibility and will review their procedures. He had also promised to release the results by April 30.


The passenger who has been identified as Dr David Dao, 69, was forcefully removed from the plane in Chicago shortly before departure in order to accommodate United employee. Dao was one of the four passengers who were bumped due to overbooked flight.


Dao who was a doctor refused to give up his seat and protested that he needed to be on the flight to see patients the next day. The security then dragged him off his seat and the aisle of the plane but he ran back into the aircraft after being removed.


Dao is currently being treated in a hospital in Chicago for his injuries.


In 2016, 434,000 passengers had volunteered to be bumped while 40,000 were compensated for being bumped involuntarily.

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