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Planes grounded in Argentina strike
Planes grounded in Argentina

The cartoon shows the plane grounded in Argentina strike.

On Thursday, Argentines workers had taken the street to strike in protest of job and pay cuts. The strike corresponds with the World Economic Forum on Latin America which will be attended by international leaders and business figures.


Public transports, schools and banks had been shut down while international flights had been grounded. Demonstrators had blocked streets as well.


According to the National Civil Aviation Administration, the strike has disrupted 800 flights thus affecting around 60,000 passengers. The Buenos Aires Ezeiza international airport was shut down completely.


During the dispute between the police and demonstrators near one of the roads into Buenos Aires, five people had been injured while six arrested. Some demonstrators planned to march towards Hilton Hotel where the economic forum is being held.


Conservative President, Mauricio Macri had condemned the strike and accused the unions of “mafia-like behavior”. Macri felt the strike does not help workers.


According to studies by government and Catholic university, nearly a third of Argentines are suffering of poverty. Macri had even cut jobs and salaries to stabilise the public finances.


Despite Macri’s vow in December 2015 when he became the President, the state of the economy had continued declining and shrunk 2.3% last year despite its slow increase in January. He had vowed to recover the weakening economy, open up trade and draw investment.


Macri will be facing midterms elections in October. Recently, he is being investigated for several allegations of financial conflicts of interest.

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