IGOFX Super Manager Contest


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Contest Rules

  1. IGOFX reserves the right to refuse any person to join the contest.

  2. Contest registration is free as long as the trader has achieved 20 lots within this six months which means traders will be involved automatically in the contest once they have achieved 20 lots at the contest period. They do not require any registration form and entry fees.

  3. Contest period is 6 months per year.

  4. The contest period is from 1st August 2016 until 1st February 2017. By following the market time of IGOFX, the contest time will start from Sunday at 10pm GMT+0 (open) and end on Friday at 9pm GMT+0 (close).

  5. To join the contest, participants must open and close their trades within the contest period. The trades that are opened before the contest started or closed after the contest ended will not be considered as the contest result.

  6. Each contest can only have single (1) contest entry.

  7. Use existing/new LIVE ACCOUNT with IGOFX to join this contest.

  8. Illegal trading orders will be disregarded.

Contest Restrictions

Scalping and Arbitrage Trading Techniques.  Any types of illegal or arbitrage trading or any other abusive pricing or quotes will be disqualified, any appeals or complaints will not be entertained.

How To Win?

  1. Traders who trade more than 20 lots in six months will directly be selected for this contest.

  2. Winners will be randomly picked from the selected traders.

  3. Prize will be credited to participant's IGOFX account.

  4. IGOFX has sole discretion to disqualify any participant or winner who are found in violation of the Contest Rules.

Reward and Prizes

The total amount of prizes around USD $200k will be given away. Winner will be randomly picked within the exclusive prizes as shown below.


Terms and Conditions

  1. Trades that are taken into account are including the open trades and closed trades.

  2. All IP matches will be subjected to disqualification.

  3. IGOFX reserves the right to amend / update the rules and regulations without prior notice.

  4. IGOFX has absolute right to disqualify any participants or winners who are found in violation of the Contest Rules.

  5. Prizes Obtaining Requirements:

    • After the winning trading account is determined, IGOFX reserves the right to check the information about the winners and the legitimacy of their participation in the contest. If some of the data are false or the winner did not have the right to participate in the contest, the contest results are announced as invalid.
    • IGOFX reserves the right of not giving award to the winners if they are violating the prizes obtaining procedure (absence of ID, expiration of ID validity, and etc.).
    • Within 14 days after the contest results are published, IGOFX will coordinate the date, time and place of award ceremony with the winners through phone. If the organizer cannot contact the winners or the winners do not reply within this 14 days, the prizes will be replaced by other lucky traders. (hereinafter the winners of cars and iphone)
    • After the awarding ceremony, winners shall assume the responsibility for paying any taxes and other compulsory payments that are set by the government for delivery purpose. (hereinafter the winners of cars and iphone prizes)
    • If in case the winners are not able to attend the award ceremony, no representative is allowed to attend but they can convert the prizes to cash. The cash will be given equivalent with the current market prices of the prizes. However, the cash will be directly deposited into winners trading accounts.(hereinafter the winners of cars and iphones prizes)
    • All prizes are not allowed to be transferred or assigned to any other person and substituted with other prizes.

  6. The winner’s personal profile will be collected if they agree to:

    • have an interview session including in radio, television, or other mass media.
    • Use the his/her profile (name, pictures, and contest result) by IGOFX for advertising without any supplementary payment.
    • The copyright of publishing the winner's information will be reserved by IGOFX.
  7. If the winners refuse to follow the rules, their participations are subjected to cancellation.

Risk Warning:

There is a substantial risk of loss in trading commodity futures, option and off-change foreign currency products.
Read our General Risk Disclosure.